What does being socially responsible mean?


WoodCrafters has a longstanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area that has provided important assistance to associates and the community throughout the years. The areas of action are Health, Human Development and Environmental.

Throughout different activities, WoodCrafters promotes its associates' professional and personal growth, so they can become leaders at work, in their homes and their communities.

In partnership with different private and public institutions, the company gives back to the communities where it has established itself, in the United States and Mexico.

Responsibility with Health

health1WoodCrafters puts health first

The health and wellness of the associates and their families is fundamental, which is why WoodCrafters has developed different efforts, such as the Lose to Help annual campaign and the Health Awareness Days. These are initiatives born with the purpose of providing the associates with an opportunity to inform themselves about nutrition and practices that can change harmful habits into a healthier lifestyle.

WoodCrafters' Family Relays for Life!


rfl3 RGBOne of WoodCrafters' partners is the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Relay for Life is the signature activity of the ACS that allows different people in the community to participate in the fight against cancer, so that together they can give faith and hope to those battling this disease, and commemorate those that fought.

Every year WoodCrafters' associates, families and friends from Weslaco, Texas contribute to surpass all expectations by being part of this event which works for such a great cause. Relay for Life celebrates life and hope while raising awareness of the different types of cancer.

Relay for Life benefits not only the people of the Rio Grande Valley where one of the plants is located, but for the thousands of families across America, who have fought, are fighting or will have to fight to defeat this disease.


Responsibility with the Environment

environment1As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, WoodCrafters has been working for years on the reuse and recycling of different materials used during the production process. The company currently reuses and/or recycles the following materials:

  • Plastic items –such as bags, bottles, and plastic strips
  • Paper utilized in the plants and offices
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Wooden pallets

WoodCrafters is aware the associates’ work environment has an impact in their homes as well. This is why the company not only promotes good practices inside the plants, but also with the associates’ friends and family members as well. WoodCrafters wants good habits to transcend and make a positive difference on the associates’ lives and communities.

Guidelines for Corporate Support

guidelines1WoodCrafters’ philanthropic efforts reflect the diverse interests of the values focusing on several distinct areas: health, human development and environmental.

For more information, please click here to download WoodCrafters’ guidelines for corporate support.